Pre-Workout supplements are BIG business.

They routinely promise you insanely super pumps, increased endurance, insanely super pumps, more focus, insanely super pumps plus enhanced strength and power.

With all of the supposed benefits of pre-workouts supplements, you would think that the millions of trainees who spend $50 a tub for 20-30 servings of HyperLean X would be in ridiculous shape right?


The Truth

I gave you the truth about supplements in this article.

I talked about how I have used the vast majority of the natural supplements on the market.

I also talked about how I did not see the serious changes in my physique until I focused on the Tri-Force of Progress:  Training Intensity/Recovery, Nutrition, and Consistency.

Naive folks are the always the target of pre-workout powders.

You DO NOT need this to unleash your inner greatness…

In my super impressionable days, I would buy product after product.  They all promised to change me from zero to hero so I bought into the hype.

As a bird-chested young male, you are one of the easiest targets for a major supplement company.

For years I trained hard, but my nutrition was not what it needed to be for an athlete.

My results and performances were decent and much better than Allan Average.  But they were not the results I was expecting since the HyperPump 99 told me I was going to be superhuman.

The pre-workouts or “pre” were always the supplements that I was told were essential.

I used to believe that if I missed a serving of NitroOxy 24 that I would be finished.  Oh, how gullible I was!

The Truth Pt. II

What you need pre-workout is not some haphazard concoction of so-called supplements.

What you truly need pre-workout is a balanced meal of complex carbohydrates, protein, and healthy fats.  For example, you could have 6-8oz of sockeye salmon, a 1/2 cup of brown rice, and 1 cup of spinach.

You have the complex carbs from the brown rice.

You have the protein and healthy fats from the salmon.

The vegetables are not going to give you any true energy for training, but they are good for your system.  Eat them.

For a performance boost after that meal, you can have a cup of coffee sweetened with stevia or a small, measured amount of brown sugar.  This will supply the caffeine which is a proven performance booster.

If you are a total caffeine junky then 1 cup of coffee will have no impact like a wasted 1st-round draft pick in the League.  You will need to slowly ween yourself down in order to feel the positive effects of the coffee.

Water is also of vast importance.

A huge selling point for these products is promising a bigger “pump.”  Arnold loved the pump and as a lifter, you probably do too.

But to truly achieve the pump you need to be well-hydrated and properly fed.  PumpUp “Advanced Strength” will not give you any pump.  Water and complex carbs will.

When you focus on the basics of nutrition and meal timing, you will be able to maximize your physique and your performance.  When you focus on the next, hyped up “pre-workout” supplement, you will be going nowhere fast like Terrell Treadmill.

I’ll holla at you next time.

The People’s Trainer,