She has come down!

She has come down!

It is that time again!

The most rewarding part of doing what I do is not the things that I can do by myself.  

It was an out of this world experience for me to do Lunges of Death.  It was great for me to perform the Barbell Hip Thrust with 625lbs.  Doing those things makes me very proud of how far I have come.

But I am even more proud when I see the crazy progress that my great clients make.

The average client walks in the door not really knowing what this process is about.  They truly do not know what to expect as there are so many misconceptions of what a personal trainer actually does.

If you work with a lame personal trainer the chances of you attaining your goals are the same chances as me knocking out Mike Tyson…ZEE-RO.

Adara joined The Fit Team in August of 2014.  She is the daughter of Mr. Combs who as you know made a dramatic transformation while he was training.

When Adara started with me I recognized two traits that stood out in her personality:  Being persistent and consistent.

She has been very persistent in asking questions about training and nutrition.  I always enjoy when a client has questions about how this game really works.  It lets me know that they really are serious about making an effort to improve their lives.

She has been very consistent as far as training on her own on the days when she does not train with me.  When she comes to train she trains hard.  Yes we joke and have fun but this woman is all business when comes to getting results.

Body Fat will get folded when against the Fit Coast Offense...

Body Fat will get folded when against the Fit Coast Offense…

As you see from her efforts and her using the Fit Coast Offense training system, she has been able to drop a considerable amount of body fat over her first 6 months.

Initially she was only training 1x per week.  Since January 2015 however she has stepped up to 2-4x per week and the results have been fantastic.

Outside of her obvious physique changes her mobility, strength, and confidence have gone up as well!

We have not even scratched the surface of where she can and will be.  As long as she is committed to changing her lifestyle an becoming healthy the sky is the limit.

I am The People’s Trainer and I take that title seriously.  I want to do the best for the people and do right by the people.

You want results and I want to give them to you.  My program works wonderfully and predictably if you commit.

When you do not commit and you are just “playing” fitness then year in and year out you will always be the same old joker going nowhere fast.  Heart disease, diabetes, lethargy, low-self esteem, and an overall low quality of life is very real.  It can all be avoided though.

Getting leaner every day...

Getting leaner every day…

If you are ready to change your lifestyle do not hesitate to contact me and we can develop the best plan of action for you.

Clap for Adara as she has made a commitment to a better life by taking her health and fitness into her own hands.  I am happy to be able to know her and to help her reach her goals!



I’ll holla at you next time.

The People’s Trainer,