Progress.  This is what we are all striving for when we train.

Some of us are striving to lose body fat.

Some of us are striving to get stronger.

Some of us are striving to become a better athlete.  Whatever the goal is we are striving to be better than we were when we started.

Heather Rector is someone who has made great progress.  But her story is interesting.  Let’s go back to when I first met her.

Heather came to me in early 2013 to begin training.

She came to the old gym where I used to train at.  I was excited that she had come to the decision to improve her health and wellness.

The problem is that even though we sat and talked for 45 minutes about what goals she had and what she wanted to accomplish she backed out at the last second.  She did not commit to training on that day.

I was stunned because she really seemed like she was all the way in.  Her non-commitment was a shock.

A theory I have which applies to every single human being is that none of us can truly change until we hit rock bottom.

I hit rock bottom physically, financially, and mentally at times from 2007-2009 before I committed myself to positive change for good.

Without getting to this point I may not have progressed and remained the same.  When Heather came to me that day she was not at rock bottom.

Fast forward to May 2014.  Heather contacted me again to begin training.

She relayed to me that she had seen the scale push dangerously close to 260lbs.  She let me know she had aches and pains and just an overall sense of feeling down and blue.

Fitness is the fountain of youth.  When you are in shape you feel and look great.

You feel not only physically better but mentally better.  Without training and building our bodies we will inevitably fade away like summer into fall.

It is not just about having abs and glutes (which are great by the way) but also about feeling absolutely fantastic.

This time she was 100% committed to the process.  There was no backing out.  She became a part of the Fit Team.

Her progress has been fantastic.  We have had ups and downs and setbacks just like anyone else but one standout thing about Heather is that she is very persistent.  She does not give up.

Commitment = Change

Commitment = Change

Training is not only about physical changes but also about the mental changes.  Heather’s mindset has changed drastically.

She is much more confident than when she started and has a different aura about her!

In the gym, she has done so much more than just lose 19lbs in 16 weeks.

She has deadlifted 235lbs.

She has performed weighted burpees.

She has successfully squatted to the bucket with 175lbs.  We have even ran sprints which by the way are her favorite move.  (Not!)

Change is possible for anyone.  If you put your mind to it and commit to your goals, you can make it happen.

I’ll holla at you next time,

The People’s Trainer