When I train my clients I like to take progress pictures every 4 months.

This allows a phase of training to be completed and for them to truly see the changes that their bodies have gone through.

When the program is run correctly then the result is predictable.  A leaner, stronger, and more confident client should be every trainer’s goal.

Losing bodyweight is the overwhelming majority of trainees number 1 goal.  However losing bodyweight is not my number 1 goal for a client.

You see you can lose bodyweight by walking a few miles every day and decreasing your food intake.  At the end of that 16 weeks, you will be healthier than you were and weigh less than you did previously.

But in that same time period, you did not build appreciable strength or muscle.  The end result is typically the same exact body that you had with less body weight.

This leads to a physique that looks small and flabby.  I do not want that for my wonderful clients!

My main goal is to help that person build the physique that they want.

In order to build an impressive physique you must get stronger, build muscle, eat correctly, and become conditioned.

This is the reason why the Fit Coast Offense training program is a very athletic based program blended with many elements of physique building.  Who wants to look like an athlete but perform and move around like the Tin Man?  No one!

My man Stevie Morring has made great strides since he began to train in March 2014.

He is leaner, stronger, and has more confidence.  He has reduced his body fat while increasing his muscle mass and athleticism.

Use his transformation as motivation for yourself.  Everyone has the ability to be better than they currently are.

I’ll holla at you next time,

The People’s Trainer