My Main Goal is to Help People.

The value of a true strength and conditioning coach is not only what he can do for him or herself but what they can do for others.

If I can only get myself stronger and more athletic and cannot train others to create fantastic results for them than I am a true charlatan in the industry.

My passion in the iron game is to show athletes and trainees the proper way to build strength, develop muscle, and improve athleticism.

Below are a few of my clients’ success stories.  These are some of the great people that I have had the pleasure to know and train over the years.


I was not always Fitman.

I was the typical skinny, weak, and non-confident punk in my teens.  Women avoided me and men would look down on me.

I was never strong enough to hold my own in athletics and it bothered me.  I had heart but I lacked physical strength.

You could call me a real-world version of Peter Parker.  I did not gain my strength, mental mindset, and athleticism from a radioactive spider, though.  Those attributes came through hard work, consistency, and patience.


When I met Jo she was struggling to stay on her high school track team.  Her previous training program was incredibly inept at creating results for athletes.  She was gaining body fat and getting slower.

When Jo began to use the Fit Coast Offense to train to become a faster sprinter, she was able to make drastic improvements.  These improvements in ability enabled her to walk on at Rider University, a Division 1 school for track and field.

Jo was the first athlete from The Fit Team to compete at the Division 1 level.  Check out her video below:


Ishmael joined The Fit Team sporting the dreaded skinny-fat physique.

His progress over 1 year using the Fit Coast Offense was fantastic.

Ishmael displayed the consistency and the discipline required to have great success.  He placed second in the Over 40 Middleweight Division at Mr. Natural Philadelphia in 2015.

Jazz and Jeff

I first met Jazz when I transferred to West Chester University in 2003.

I met Jeff in 2004 also at WCU.

As a trio, we formed the original Fit Team in 2011.

We have been using the Fit Coast Offense Training System since before it had a name!

These gentlemen have been a major part of the evolution of the physique building systems that are now available to you.

Hard work, consistency, and patience will get you there.  My brothers from another mother have displayed these attributes since day 1.


When I met Demetrius he was a 14-year-old promising baseball prospect.  He had good tools, but he wanted to elevate his game to the next level in order to have a chance to compete at the NCAA Division 1 level.

Demetrius has used the Fit Coast Offense Training System to improve his athletic performance, strength, and physique over the last 2 years.  He was recently selected by Prep Baseball Report as the 2nd rated prospect amongst position players in Pennsylvania for the class of 2019.

The most impressive metric is his 60-yard dash which dropped from the mid 7’s in 2015 to a 6.58! (FAT)

Amy aka “ATP”

Amy joined the Fit Team in October 2015.   She is 47 years old and a mother of 2.

As a former NCAA Division 1 swimmer, Amy walked in with the mindset of an athlete.  That mindset is the perfect fit for the Fit Team.

Amy had previously competed in bodybuilding but she felt that she had more potential and more greatness to unleash.  In 7 short months, she was able to totally transform her physique and create a new foundation.

Her bodybuilding experience was much more pleasant in 2016.  The sky is the limit for her!


Michele joined the Fit Team in October 2015.

Michele had been training for many years but was looking for a way to radically transform her physique.

In just a little bit under a year, her consistency and hard efforts showed themselves in dramatic fashion.  She has abs at 50 years old!

Her training experience as a part of The Fit Team was much more satisfying than her previous efforts.  The consistency she brought by never missing workouts is what allowed her to truly unleash her inner greatness!


Terryann joined the Fit Team in 2014.  She initially used the Fitman Online Training Program.  Her goals at first were just to get into better shape.

But as she began to train she wanted more.  She realized that there was more greatness inside of her.  In late 2015 she committed to training in person with Fitman Performance.

At the age of 55, Terry competed and placed top 5 in 3 different classes at her first bodybuilding show.

She also competed in the Germantown Academy All-Comers track meet in 2015 and 2016.  Her time improved from 19.15 to 16.99 in the 100-meter dash.

She proves that age is just a number when it comes to unleashing your inner greatness.

Margaret aka “Gym Mom”

This woman is the definition of consistent.  Like Ishmael, she never missed any sessions!  The Gym Mom was always a joy for me to train.

This woman has 3 children and is almost 50 years old.  But this woman takes care of business!

Our time together was always great.  Where she would be if I still trained her is downright scary!


Heather came to me after approaching the highest weight of her life.  She was depressed and she was not confident in her ability to succeed.  But that phase of her life is over for good.  Her passion and drive to reach her goal and change her lifestyle is very inspiring.  Check out her progress video below.


At 47 years young, Chris came to me in 2014 looking to regain his athleticism.  Throughout the duration the his time with me he has been able to successfully add solid muscle mass and become more athletic.  Fitness is the fountain of youth!  Check out his pictures and video below: