Hey, everybody, it is Motivational Monday!

Progress is a process.

As you focus on making progress towards your goals, you will continue to get closer to those goals.

The youngest member of The Fit Team, my main young man, Demetrius Deramus has been selected by USA Baseball as one of the top 18 players (16U) in the Ohio Valley (KY, MI, OH, and PA).

Demetrius and 17 other young men will represent the Ohio Valley in Cary, NC from August 17-20th for the USA Baseball NTIS (National Team Identification Series).  Check out the tweet from the national team HERE.

Demetrius has worked very hard and has been very consistent to get to this point.  He has also had amazing support from his wonderful family.

As his strength and conditioning coach, I am very proud of what he has accomplished so far in his young career, but the job is far from done.  We are not even close to satisfied at this point.

Progress is a process.

I’ll holla at you next time,

The People’s Trainer