The Punisher is a famous character in the Marvel Universe known for being unforgiving, intimidating, and relentless against the criminals and scumbags that terrorize innocent folks.

This workout I have developed is named after him due to the nature of the workout and the similarities it has to him.  In short, this is a very relentless workout.

This workout is known as The Punisher Workout.  The unlucky enemies?  Body fat and a lack of mental toughness.

This workout will punish you.

This workout will inflict maximum mental and physical stress on you.

This workout will also put fear into you.

But most importantly this workout will force you to make progress as there are many different training schemes that can be applied to this workout.

If you can overcome, make progress, and finish this workout consistently then you will be rewarded with a better body and a much stronger mind.

I personally believe and know for a solid fact that training is so much more than just developing a flat stomach, rounder glutes, or building bigger arms.  Having cosmetic goals like that are great and are probably the reason you started training.

But when you are routinely training in a fashion that is about beating goals and accepting challenges you are forced to build mental toughness, character, and moxie.

Those things are what the Fit Coast Offense training protocol is all about.

Fake Hustle

Social media can be very misleading in the iron game.

Everyone is supposedly training hard, going “beast mode”, and making other bombastic claims of the intensity of their training.

The truth is that the vast majority of trainees have no idea what hard training is.

When you are uninitiated in the game you may think because you are sweating you are going hard.

You can sweat while driving in an old car with no air conditioning in the summer.  I did for my first 11 years of driving.

Does that mean you are going hard and building a better body while driving?  NO.

When you are uninitiated in the game you may think that because you see someone who appears very muscular and fit that they earned it through hard work.  But have you ever seen them train?

If you have seen them train have you noticed the lack of big moves and intensity during the session?

What about the lack of progression with the measurables (sets/reps/load/rest)?  How about the total absence of tough conditioning moves like sprints and weighted burpees?

When you see someone who has the look of Adonis but who has lame or inconsistent work habits you can be assured that this person has had help from certain tonics (steroids), questionable supplements, or surgical procedures to attain a certain look.

Terry Tonics may look like Tarzan but I assure you he plays like Jane.  Typically a trainees physique should be comparable to his/her work input (training/nutrition/rest).

Hard work develops a hard body.  Sloth work develops a sloth body.

The wise rapper Jadakiss recently said that social media has given cowards and charlatans an outlet for their deceptions.  Despite this, the rules of the game remain unchanged.  You must work hard to earn not only your physique but also character.

In today’s world, you can buy a body.  However, in no world can you buy character.  It is not for sale.  Character cannot be gained by taking shortcuts.

The Punisher Workout fits the mold of workouts that cannot be faked.  It is hard but rewarding.

You will build toughness through this workout.  This is a programmable workout that can be used with multiple set/rep/rest schemes to make it a supremely challenging and rewarding scheme.


The Punisher Workout was first introduced at my audition for the Men’s Health Next Top Trainer competition that was held in March of 2014.

At that time I called it the Full Body Blast.  The lunges, rows, and push-ups were all a part of the series but the burpees and sprint were not.

Men’s Health gave us a list of moves that we had to use to show them our training acumen.  Burpees and sprints were not on the list.

The great judging trio of B.J. Gaddour, David Jack, and Adam Campbell wanted to see what we could do with a limited selection of exercises.

My presentation of the Full Body Blast allowed me to qualify for the finals.  I was one of 8 finalists out of over 200 trainers who entered this competition.

This was a pleasing result but for a coach who loves to program like myself I knew the Full Body Blast could be a few notches more dastardly.

The Punisher Workout

The Punisher is composed of 5 movements.

You will perform walking dumbbell lunges, dumbbell bent-over rows, push ups, weighted burpees and a sprint (standard, hill, or resisted).  None of these movements are new or special but they are extremely effective for building full body strength, muscle, and conditioning.

If you are performing The Punisher in the gym and you do not have access to a hill you can perform suicides, high knees in place at maximum effort, regular burpees, a burpee variation, or do standing long jumps for a distance.

You could also choose to perform The Punisher sans the final sprint or movement.  In this case, you would make up for the lack of the sprint or movement by performing another round or 2 of The Punisher.  This is not a good scenario for you.

It is still a fantastically difficult workout without the sprint.  But the final sprint is what makes this workout The Punisher.  Ideally, I want you to finish with a full sprint, a hill sprint, or a resisted sprint.

As far sets/reps/weight/rest are concerned the standard rules are that each move uses 10 reps except for the weighted burpee which uses 5 reps.

You must determine if you are going to do weighted burpees with a jump or weighted burpees without a jump.  If you will be using the version with the jump then your weight will be lighter to compensate for the fact that you will not be getting any air time if you are using heavy dumbbells.

Using the 10/5 standard rep scheme I would say on average with all things being considered that the average male trainee should be able to use 25-35lbs on a series like this.  The average female trainee should be able to use 15-25lbs.

I demonstrate the series in the video using 30lb dumbbells.  To me, they felt light but the persistent nature of The Punisher evens everything out as you are still performing tough moves in succession without rest.  The weighted burpees will definitely be the toughest move outside of the sprint.

Athletes or advanced trainees could and will obviously use more weight.  The series becomes increasingly difficult as you add weight.  When I use 50lb dumbbells and my chosen weighted burpee involves a jump, then I begin to question why I came to train that day!

I can still finish the workout but I am being thoroughly punished during it.  The weighted burpee is the key move in the series and will dictate the weight that you will use and whether you jump or just stand.

If you are out of shape this series will be hard regardless of weight because of the relentless nature of the workout.
If you are in shape this series will be hard if you progressively increase your weight properly.  If I am doing this series at Fit Coast Offense game speed then I will not cheat myself by using 10lb dumbbells.  That is the coward’s way out.  Look for the challenge and accept it.

If I am doing this series at Fit Coast Offense game speed then I do not cheat myself by using 10lb dumbbells.  That is the coward’s way out.  Look for the challenge and accept it.

How do I do the Punisher Workout?

When performing The Punisher your goal is to try to run it straight through with no rest to minimal rest until you complete one round.  This is easier said than done but it can be done.

The Punisher will make you look UGLY...

The Punisher will make you look UGLY…

As you fatigue your moves may look slower and your rest between moves will increase but your goal is to continue to work through the fatigue.

This means that you will have the unenviable task of trying to complete the series without taking an extended rest between movements.

Yes, there will be a 3 to possibly 15-second transition between the movements at times especially when you are spent but you should not be doing a move and then be resting for the length of your favorite TV show.

Aim to rest as little as possible during the transitions but it you get folded and need to rest a few seconds longer than do it!

This low rest period is what makes the Punisher so punishing.  Anyone with any training experience knows that the toughest schemes involve low rest periods whether it is Tabata, Gironda’s 8×8, or even RP-21.

Add in the fact that the weight being used will be a challenge and you have a recipe for a hard session.  You will find out how exactly how tough you are when using schemes like this.

To run The Punisher you will start by warming up for 6-12 minutes to get your joints prepared to train.  I would suggest a short general warm up followed by a specific movement warm up.  You could hit the heavy bag or jump rope for 5 minutes and then begin to work through your movements.

After the warm up, you will grab your dumbbells with the selected weight you have chosen.  I would personally start conservatively weight wise just so that you can gauge what your correct starting weight should be.

If you start too high you will get absolutely folded very early and will be unable to finish the series.  Trust me you do not want to be down by 20 in the first quarter!

You will perform 10 walking dumbbell lunges followed by 5 weighted burpees.

You will go from the weighted burpees right into 10 dumbbells bent over rows.  After you complete the dumbbell bent over rows you will complete 5 more weighted burpees.

After these weighted burpees, you will perform 10 push-ups.  After these push-ups, you will complete 5 more weighted burpees.

After performing these weighted burpees you will then perform a sprint or one of the movements I listed above.

I would generally recommend between 1-5 sets based on your fitness level.  The rest between sets will typically be anywhere between 1-3 minutes based on the amount of weight used, your current fitness level, and the goal of the workout.

Scheme Order

1)  10 Walking Dumbbell Lunges followed by

2)  5 Weighted Burpees followed by

3)  10 Dumbbell Bent Over Rows followed by

4)  5 Weighted Burpees followed by

5)  10 Push Ups followed by

6  5 Weighted Burpees followed by

7)  Sprint, Hill Sprint, Resisted Sprint (preferred if accessible) or Suicides, High Knees, Burpees, or Standing Long Jumps (if the sprints are inaccessible) followed by

8)  Collapse!

Note:  For the Suicides and High Knees you can perform them for anywhere from 10-20 seconds at maximum effort.  For the Burpees and Burpee Variations, you can perform them for 20-30 seconds.  For the Standing Long Jumps, you can choose a distance of 10 to 20 yards to jump.


While the main progression on the lunges, rows, and burpees will be added weight there are multiple ways to make each move tougher.

You could pause in the bottom of your lunges.

You could pause the top of your rows.

You could jump twice at the top of the burpee.

You can even perform one of many push-up variations.

The bottom line is that once you make enough progress with this workout you must try to make it tougher.

Performing and completing 10 regular push ups each set the first week is great.  Performing and completing the same 10 push ups every week with no new challenge will not lead to long-term changes and results.

By focusing on increasing the weight, decreasing the rest time, or pumping up the training volume, you will ensure that you making progress.


I could write endless schemes to go with this protocol but right I want you to focus on and progress through the original 10/5 scheme.  This base scheme will offer a great challenge.

By completing The Punisher with consistency as a workout on it’s on own or as a finisher you will reap the rewards of a stronger body and a stronger mind.

Success requires struggle.  Embrace it and move forward.

I’ll holla at you next time,

The People’s Trainer