Hey, everybody, it is Motivational Monday!

One of my favorite parts about the iron game is the ability to create.

Like an artist painting a portrait, I create programs that allow The Fit Team to reach their goals.

I was never a fan of the ever-popular copy and paste style of training.

“Trainers” will read a magazine and give the program of the month to their client that day.  This is complete fake hustle and is a disservice to you.

I would rather do the research, write the program, test the program, and then look at the results to see if it was a success.

I developed the RP-21 Training System in 2010-2011.  It is a hybrid program of bodybuilding, powerlifting, and athletics.

RP-21 allowed me to coach multiple physique competitors to placing in their bodybuilding/figure shows.

Over the last few months, I challenged myself to create a training program specifically for athletes looking to run faster, jump higher, and get stronger.

The test client ran this program for 9 weeks and saw dramatic increases in speed, power, and strength.

For any athletes who are reading this, my newest training system is an advanced system designed specifically for you.

Check out the video above to get a preview of CT-24.  You can also visit The Center to run this program and be coached through it by me.

The worst feeling for an athlete is to enter the season out of shape.  I have been there.

The full CT-24 training system will debut for the public by the end of 2017.

I’ll holla at you next week.

The People’s Trainer,