14 Day Physique Camp

$270 $87

Do you want to build more muscle?

Are you looking to decrease your body fat?

Do you want to develop a balanced and aesthetic physique?

If you are a bodybuilder, classic physique, figure, or bikini competitor and you answered yes to the above questions, then Fitman’s 14 Day Physique Camp is the answer for you!  During the camp you will:

Build Muscle

Use specific workouts designed to increase muscle mass.

Lose Body Fat

Shred body fat efficiently with real conditioning and proper nutrition.

Learn How To Eat

Following the correct nutrition protocol will make or break a competitior.

What are competitors saying about Fitman Performance?

I was the first person to use my programs before I began to use them on others.  Once I discovered it worked, I knew I could help other competitors reach their physique goals.  The Fit Team has had several competitors win their class and place high at their shows.
2014 Open Middleweight Top 5
(Mr. Natural Philadelphia)
fitman carb cycling for a leaner physique

As I got into my late 40’s I was gaining weight and body fat.  My old training programs never allowed me to drop body fat and truly build a complete physique.  Using Fitman’s training and nutrition programs I was able to get leaner, stronger, and stage-ready in just 4 months.  Training with The Fit Team has changed my life!
Amy T. Pittman
NGA Figure Competitor

When I began training with Fitman, I was 39 years old and I had the dreaded skinny-fat physique.  In less than 1 year I was able to totally transform my mind and body.  Fitman’s knowledge of how to train, eat, and recover allowed me to get on stage and bring home a trophy!
NGA Masters Bodybuilder
2nd place 2015 Masters Open (Mr. Natural Philadelphia)

Training Schedule:

Monday and Wednesday at 5pm/5:30pm/6pm/6:30pm

Tuesday and Thursday at 5pm/5:30pm/7pm/7:30pm

Saturday at 9:15am/10am

My 14 Day Physique Camp is the ideal starting point for bodybuilders to start the process of developing their physique.  Sign up below.

Note:  You will be contacted within 24 hours of making your payment to set up your first training session.  Previous participants of the 14-Day Physique Camp are not eligible.